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T-4 Series Soft Needle


Size:Soft needle

Features:T - 4 series soft acus more of the integrated circuit is applied to some test circuit, electrode, or FIB (focused ion beam) mini electrodes made of T - 4 series structure with different diameter of tungsten material soft needle shall be welded in tinned copper needle bar on the T - 4-10 and T - 4-22 is customer feedback is have an advantage in the two models, because its needle diameter is small, has a good bending elasticity, can greatly reduce the damage to the chip electrode, under the partial vibration environment can also ensure good contact of electrodes and T - 4Soft probes are not recommended on sensitive nodes because of the capacitive load problem, and in this environment it is recommended to use the high impedance Picoprobes series.



ST Series Hard Needle


Size:Hard needle tungsten material

Features:ST series hard needle is 0.020 inch (0.51 mm) in diameter tungsten needle bar material through electrochemical machining precision become different tip diameter, length is 1.5 inch (38.1 mm) of the application and the vast majority of the probes electrode temperature sensor chip and circuit point ST series hard needle can be used in measurement and scratch or puncture the chip surface passivation layer can choose nickel plating on the surface of the probe, if choose nickel plating behind model to increase the NP.


For details of the probe specifications, you can download our accessories manual.
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