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Test Solution

Wafer Test Solution For College Education Experiment

1.1.1.Technical Background

Wafer (CV IV P - IV) test is widely used for measuring semiconductor parameters, especially the wafer level MOSFET structure using CV P - IV IV measurement can also be for other types of semiconductor device and process characteristic analysis, including bipolar junction transistor BJT jfets devices, organic photovoltaic cells MEMS devices are TFT monitor photodiode carbon nanotubes, and the basic characteristics of a variety of other semiconductor devices such as measuring is very suitable for various applications, improve the performance of the process and device testing process parameters and mechanism of failure analysis, etc.

1.1.2.Needs And Challenges

In recent years, our country for the semiconductor industry recognition and the strength of the resources, which the university laboratory hardware upgrade update is one of the key, but because of the university education on the ratio of resources into more for cost reasons, so we should not only under the condition of budget is limited, not only to ensure the equipment and high precision of test and measurement standards, at the same time also want to consider the reuse rate of products in the future, avoid the waste of resources through market and cooperation experience accumulated for many years in colleges and universities, summarizes the education experiment probe device should have the following indicators.


● Based on the requirements of university laboratory environment, the equipment can save space under the premise of ensuring high-precision testing.
● Under the premise of not lowering the quality of professional test standards, we can provide more competitive price probe table equipment.


● Easier to operate
● Minimize the workload of operation training
Stable structure and high test accuracy
● Fast acquisition of measurement data


● Modular customization, easy reconfiguration and upgrade for a wide variety of applications.
● Strong adaptability, when the need to improve and increase, can be re - equipment upgrade and function expansion.

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