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Air-Floating Chuck Moving Technology

Air-Floating Chuck Moving Technology
Technical Background

Semiconductor as much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning in China, we will vigorously support of science and technology industry in the recent years in our country present a rapid growth trend, the 2017 China's integrated circuit industry sales of 541.13 billion yuan, up 24.8% from a year earlier, fastest-growing integrated circuit manufacturing, rose 28.5% in 2017, sales of 144.81 billion yuan and chip (chip) is a integrated circuit (IC, integrated circuit) of the carrier, it is made of pieces of wafer cut (wafer)In driven by Moore's law, from 6 inch 8 inch wafer size 12 "the path of the change, because the wafer diameter, the greater the same wafer can produce the more integrated circuit, both to reduce the cost, but at the moment, and can improve the yield and utilization in the wafer test especially the manual testing will produce an inevitable question: from the wafer after a test chip moves to the next is likely to become more and more far distance of the chip under test, mobile is also likely to become more and more high frequency, and wafer test at the same time also has the characteristics of high precision, the current is usually a few microns or even a few microns.

Face the Challenge

Current mobile way, the traditional screw guide XY translation machine manufacture high precision cost but when test sample movement speed slow lead to low efficiency, synchronous gear with synchronous belt transmission structure can't satisfy the requirement of the level of micron semiconductor test precision, so now urgently need a can easily move quickly and firmly locked displacement device.

Technical Summary

Technical Summary

Technical Name:Chuck Air bearing moveTM

Type of patent: Invention Patent

Patent Application Number:201910551099.7

Application Cases

  • National University of Singapore
  • SEMISHARE H6 Probe Station+Vibration Free Table+Shielding Box

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