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A Series Full Automatic Probe Station

Product Overview

A series is SEMISHARE years carefully developed a production automatic high and low temperature probe, the probe station has high test precision and super fast test speed, with automatic up-down material, automatic wafer alignment, automatic wafer center, automatic test diesize, etc, has the identification function of wafer ID at the same time, can be a single point test can also be continuous testing, test software feature-rich, heavily for the enterprise to gain test speed, greatly improving the productivity and efficiency.

Basic Information

Product number A8, A12 working environment Open type
electricity demand 220 V, 50/60Hz Control method Full-Automatic
Product Size A8(1124 x 1111 x 925) ;A12(1600 x 1660 x 1450) equipment weight 1.2T, 2T

Application direction

Wafer testing of various kinds of devices Wafer and other Wafer performed RF testing and other characteristics analysis of I-V C-V optical signal RF 1/ F noise, etc.

Technical characteristics

A8 Full Automatic Prober

●High precision and test speed, greatly improving test efficiency ●Micron-scale fully closed-loop motion control ●High voltage and high current test application ●Bernoulli arm support sheet ●Small size, light weight, smaller footprint ●24X7 hours on-chip detection

A12 Full Automatic Prober

●Super high test precision and test speed, greatly improve productivity benefits. ●Fully automated system running, fast safe and reliable test. ●Support single point testing and continuous testing. ●Integrated control system, fast access to instrument testing. ●CHUCK efficient test system, running speed exceeding 300mm/s. ●Rich software automation test, precise mechanical precision calibration. ●Automatic wafer thickness measurement and ID reading card can be upgraded. ●Leading internal anti - shock system device, more stable operation.


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