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Fully Automatic Probe Station Measurement Technology

Fully Automatic Probe Station Measurement Technology
Technical Background

Wafer testing is an important part of the chip manufacturing industry, and it is one of the main statistical methods for chip yield. With the gradual increase in the diameter of wafers and the gradual increase in density, the difficulty and cost of wafer testing are getting higher and higher, which also makes the chips require longer testing time and more sophisticated mechanical devices and computer systems to perform the testing. Work and monitor test results. The most basic point of the wafer test is: the wafer test must be able to distinguish the quality of the chip, and make the qualified chip continue to enter the following packaging process. In order to ensure effective testing of chip functions and yield, packaging manufacturers and equipment manufacturers need to continuously explore, and then find high-precision, high-efficiency and low-cost testing methods, and use new assembly process requirements to detect wafers. The requirements will cause major changes in equipment and processes.

Face the Challenge

Wafer probe test bed are online in the middle of the test equipment, semiconductor technology and tester connection, can automatically complete the integrated circuit and various transistor core electrical parameters and function test with the high-performance multi-functional high speed low power miniaturization growing need for lower prices of electronic products, which requires integrated more functions in a single chip and further reduce size, and large diameter and high efficiency test in the future will be the main development direction of wafer probe test bedTherefore, the traditional manual probe test bench and the semi-automatic probe test bench are no longer able to meet the requirements. Instead, the automatic wafer probe test bench with high speed, high precision, high automation and high reliability is adopted.

Technical Summary

High-Performance™ Technology

Technology Type: Invention Patent
Patent Application Number: 201910551106.3
High-Performance™ technology provides a highly stable fully automatic wafer probe table and fully automatic wafer test equipment. Through the multi-reinforcement stable structure of fully automatic wafer probe table, it solves the problem that the equipment is easy to shake during wafer test and affects the test accuracy, thus ensuring the motion stability and precision of the probe table during wafer test.

Application Cases

  • SEMISHARE A12 Full Automatic Probe Station

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