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Moving forward with dreams, never forgetting the original "core" | SEMISHARE 2024 Annual Meeting Celebration and 2023 Award Ceremony was successfully held!

Release time:2024-01-23Source: SEMISHARE

Moving forward with dreams, not forgetting the original "core"! In order to thank all the staff for their joint efforts in the past year, we held the 2024 Annual Meeting Ceremony and 2023 Commendation Meeting. The ceremony was hosted by Huang Qiulian and Huang Dongsheng, all the staff gathered together to share the joy of harvest, think about the future glory, recognize advanced staff and share the feast!

Message from the General Manager

"Seek truth, courage, value, sharing" is the enterprise spirit that SEMISHARE has always adhered to. On the stage, General Manager Liu Shiwen once again interpreted and explained these eight words in a comprehensive manner. 2023, we have achieved steady growth, in terms of brand influence, the company's scale and standardized management, refined operation, we have taken a big step forward! 2023, I visited the world's outstanding enterprises through research, and found that the secret of success is persistence and perseverance to the end! For the future of SEMISHARE, we have no and firm confidence, as long as we uphold the original intention, continue to plough into the semiconductor industry, we will become the world's first-class semiconductor equipment suppliers!

Award Presentation

Watering the harvest with sweat, with practical work to determine the way forward. In SEMISHARE, every year will emerge a group of dedicated, enterprising, enterprising family members, it is this group of advanced individuals, teams in the past year, dedicated, diligent and dedicated, the courage to conquer one challenge after another, to win one battle after another, for SEMISHARE wrote a wonderful chapter, will SEMISHARE's overall development to a new level. This year, a total of seven gold-rich awards were set, the company leaders awarded certificates and medals for the winners, and encouraged them to guard against arrogance, continue to play hard work and wisdom to innovate achievements, shoulder the mission and take on the responsibility of writing glory! Make new contributions to the high-quality development of SEMISHARE!

Annual Meeting Ceremony

Warmth and touching together, songs and laughter. Guzheng solo, dance, solo and other wonderful programs, so that all the colleagues present, lit up a fire in the winter, lit up the enthusiasm and passion of all the people of SEMISHARE, illuminating us to not forget the original "core", and march forward.

Dance《Porky Pig》
zither《good horse》
Dance《The most dazzling business style》

Dance《Dancing Youth》

Lottery Session

On this special night, there were several rounds of lucky draws on site (colleagues who were on business trips were collected on behalf of departmental leaders). Company leaders and employees interacted with each other, singing, applauding and cheering, and the lucky SEMISHARE people returned home with a full load!

The event is over, and the long road is in front of us; we will sail along the wind and strive to be the first. Looking back to 2023, we continue to cultivate our internal strength and ride on the momentum; for all of us, 2023 is also a difficult and rewarding year, we continue to overcome the difficulties, and continue to make efforts in technological innovation and technological upgrading, and further expand the production of fully automated wafer probe table and realize mass production and delivery; looking forward to 2024, we will not forget the beginning of the "core" and move forward with our dreams! Looking forward to 2024, we will not forget the original "core" and move forward with our dreams! Although the road is far, we will get there! Though things are difficult, they will be accomplished if they are done!

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