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New Voyage SEMISHARE Set Off On The Road To A New Era.

Release time:2021-02-05Source: SEMISHARE

From 2009 to 2020, looking back, SEMISHARE has gone through 10 years of development, 10 years of fruitful struggle and colorful music. 2020, a new goal and a new starting point, SEMISHARE has accumulated strength and set out brand new, from the brand VI image upgrade to the expansion of the manufacturing plant area, and then to the new R & D center, SEMISHARE is doing its best to meet the challenges of the new era. To meet the challenges of the new era.

Upgrade brand , helping a new future

In May 2020, SEMISHARE officially launched VIS2.0 system to the public with SEMICON exhibition. The new VI image gives SEMISHARE a new vitality, perfectly interpreting SEMISHARE people's mission pursuit without forgetting the original intention and infinite expectation for the future.

LOGO design ideas

Auxiliary graphics: arc-shaped bridge connection

Color application: Vibrant blue (technological excellence and innovation) + Deep blue (continuous exploration and breakthrough of technological boundaries)

English interpretation: SEMI-SHARE is committed to the sharing business in the semiconductors field.

Shape idea: simple and steady flat design, highlighting the international strategic vision and let customers continue to trust the partner

Brand interpretation

1、Focusing on the continuous exploration and innovation in the semiconductors field test technology, we are committed to providing advanced wafer probe bench equipment and semiconductor test solutions for global customers, and continue to win the trust of our customers.

2、Chinese chip, soaring dream, help China to manufacture independent leading chip, promote the overall development of the global semiconductor industry.

3、Build an internationally competitive technology company and become the world's leading semiconductor test equipment provider.

Factory expansion to empower market development

In January 2020, a new factory with a total investment of 10,000,000 RMB and an area of about 5,000 square meters will be expanded and put into operation, and more than 300 new production employees are planned to be added, so that the new factory will fully meet the increasing demand of sales.

So far, SEMISHARE's marketing network has radiated from the Chinese market to the global market and gradually formed an international strategic layout; based on China, the company has set up offices in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an and other cities, serving more than 1,000 well-known research institutes and research institutes in the industry, FAB factories.

In the world, SEMISHARE products and technologies have been widely used in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, Australia and other countries, and has established close cooperation with many well-known research institutions around the world.

New R&D center, technical strength is strengthened again

No poorer than poor technology, no harder than hard R&D! This is the attitude SEMISHARE has always held towards technology. In November 2020, the R&D center, which integrates office, leisure and entertainment, was newly installed and opened, and the comfortable working environment not only enriches the cultural life of employees, but also shows the warm humanistic atmosphere of SEMISHARE.

At present, the company's R&D center has 5 major R&D systems of mechanical design, optical, software, electrical and test application, and a technical team of nearly 70 people, which is one of the most powerful technology enterprises in the field of wafer probe testing in the world.

Over the years, SEMISHARE has been focusing on the shared business of semiconductor technology, dedicated to providing advanced semiconductor test equipment and solutions to global customers, and continue to win customer trust. Our goal is to build SEMISHARE into an internationally competitive technology company and a leading global semiconductor test equipment provider.

A brand new start comes from the accumulation of ten years of sharpening a sword; the strength of renewal comes from the persistence of step by step to a thousand miles. In the next decade, we will not forget the original intention and make efforts to make the future promising.

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