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Looking back on the old year and striving for the new year | Please check the memorabilia of SEMISHARE Technology in 2022~

Release time:2022-12-20Source: SEMISHARE

In the past 2022, all the staff of SEMISHARE rallied together to meet the challenges under the threat of the times. In the face of such severe challenges as rising costs, urgent delivery time, and several postponements of exhibitions, SEMISHARE worked together with its partners in business, production, quality, supply chain, and other aspects to strengthen its dream, forge a new path, and steadily move forward step by step.

We are determined to forge ahead and continue to innovate. We have cultivated the semiconductor testing equipment industry for 12 years. We have accumulated core technologies in the fields of testing technology, software algorithms, precision machinery, optical design, electrical control, high and low-temperature technology, vacuum technology, laser optical path, and process, and introduced a completely updated series A (8-inch/12 inch) full-automatic probe platform that can be applied to WAT/CP testing. We have plans to export to many manufacturers. The support and recognition of our partners also give us more confidence; In 2022, the company won the five-star certification of the commodity after-sales service system, the title of Shenzhen specialized and new enterprise, the national specialized and new "little giant" enterprise, and other honors. The company has made impressive achievements in "decorating this pass", and Senmei "looks better today".