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Look to the Stars, Keep Your Feet on the Ground | 2023 SEMISHARE Corporate Culture Work Summary

Release time:2023-12-30Source: SEMISHARE

Look up to the stars & keep your feet on the ground

SEMISHARE annual summary of corporate culture work 

In challenging times, we practice long-termism!

Our corporate culture is not nihilistic, we strive to be realistic and implement every project to the employees themselves with love and strength. SEMISHARE is guided by the corporate spirit of "Seek truth, Courage, Value, Sharing" in the creation of talent gradient, the construction of employee learning and growth platform, the optimisation and upgrading of organisational energy efficiency, and the enhancement of employee warmth and welfare, and we have been committed to realise the sustainable development of individuals and the company together!

Every journey is worth recalling and treasuring, in the weaving web of time, we have struggled, grown and proved. 2023's corporate culture journey and what wonderful chapters? Let's take a look back!

Buff up   

work easier

You come from all over the world, full of enthusiasm!

12 New Employee Training Sessions to Concentrate the "New" Gathering Power

Hundreds of "waves" into the blue sea of China's semiconductor industry.

In order to enrich the knowledge reserve of SEMISHARE people and build up their professional ability, SEMISHARE provided a total of 11 internal training courses for the new colleagues, and made fine explanations on corporate culture, products and technology, departmental management and communication, and business strategy, etc. Through the comprehensive business knowledge training, the participants were able to learn the latest technology of semiconductor industry. Through the comprehensive business knowledge training, the trainees established a preliminary understanding of SEMISHARE, enhanced their ability to adapt to the workplace, and laid a solid foundation for future work.

Work hard, live happy!

SEMISHARE has successfully organised dozens of group building activities such as 38 Women's Day, Dapeng Outdoor Expansion, Badminton, Basketball, Mountain Climbing and Karaoke Competition, etc. A well-prepared activity, which is physically and mentally soothing and at the same time, makes everyone more trustful and understanding of those around them, and enhances the team's cohesion and centripetal force. We also provide evening snacks for our employees on a daily basis. This initiative aims to provide convenient, healthy and nutritious evening meals to meet the nutritional needs of our employees during their working hours and to enhance their work experience and well-being.

Monthly Birthday Party 

A Little Romance in Ordinary Life

Life has a sense of ceremony, the ordinary has become hot. 2023 year, SEMISHARE cumulative has been held for 176 birthday party for the birthday girl, each birthday party is cohesion of the Semishare family of employees strong love, give the semiconductor industry people are not the same tenderness and temperature. May we all shine and glitter every day in the future, and always run in our love!

The most beautiful SEMISHARE person selection

fierce competition, glory crowned 

All the efforts will be rewarded, we always advocate fairness, equality and diversity, and are committed to providing employees with fair opportunities and fair treatment, to create an equal and diverse work environment. In order to implement SEMISHARE's core values of "people-oriented, excellence and innovation, value sharing", SEMISHARE continuously launches the "Seek Role Models, Discover the Most Beautiful People of SEMISHARE" selection activity to select a number of advanced models who are skilled, strong in business, courageous, responsible and good at work. Selection activities to select a number of technically proficient, strong business, courageous, good as an advanced model. In the second half of the year, SEMISHARE has carried out six "Most Beautiful SEMISHARE People" selection activities themed on the spirit of enterprise, set up typical examples and benchmarks, and commended nearly 60 advanced people.

It is not easy to stand out among the many elite soldiers in Sembcorp, which is an honour, recognition and the realization of self-worth! Every Senmei firmly believe that the road to the dream, there is no lie to win, only down-to-earth ploughing, and move forward, in order to seize every opportunity to pick the top! ‍

Culture on the ground, the flame is passed on, 

the dream and reality go hand in hand

In the capital market, we have obtained four rounds of financing, and everyone is optimistic about the semiconductor industry and the future of Sembcorp in the long term. Insight into market demand, driven by technological innovation, we continue to provide customers with accurate, stable and efficient wafer-level test solutions, improve yield rate and reduce test costs, and help the development of the integrated circuit industry! Culture and strategy influence each other, integration and promotion, the company actively grasp the semiconductor industry, the demand for localisation of the market opportunities brought about by the pull, the team and organisation continue to cultivate internal skills, and go with the trend.

We know that in the journey to the world's first-class, full of difficulties and obstacles, but always with a dream, courage and determination. In this wave of semiconductor industry development, we go forward hand in hand, and jointly create a legend belonging to us!

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