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Summing up and Paving the Way for the Future | A Review of SEMISHARE's Significant Events in 2023!

Release time:2024-02-03Source: SEMISHARE

2023 Work Summary

Summarize and Settle,
Leading the Future

As time flows like a river, a new year unfolds

With resolute steps, we stride forward, singing triumphantly

In 2023, shoulder to shoulder, we faced challenges,

Embarking on a new journey, planning new chapters, initiating new endeavors

In 2023, our hearts and hands united,

Creating together, advancing together, sharing together.

Next, let's join hands to unfold the historical chapter of this year,

Reflecting on those stirring moments,

Feeling the passionate, burning years.

This year

our technological research and development strength has been robust, yielding abundant results in intellectual property

In 2023, SEMISHARE has been granted several new invention patents, including "A lifting mechanism for wafer disk detection," "A low-temperature probe testing device," "A fully automatic wafer testing device and method," "Wafer probe station," "Probe station," "Vacuum probe station," and "Probe testing station." These patents serve as the "wings of innovation," propelling the company towards high-quality development!

The A series fully automatic wafer probe station has successfully passed the SEMI F47 and SEMI S2 safety standard certifications. The SEMI safety standards not only impose constraints on our operations but also offer guidance, ensuring that our products comply with global requirements for safety, quality, and sustainability. This proactive support contributes to SEMISHARE's global strategic layout for wafer probe stations!

In January, SEMISHARE was honored to receive certification from the Guangdong Provincial Advanced Wafer Probe Station Semiconductor Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center. This certification, after authoritative review by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, assesses our company's development prospects, economic strength, technical expertise, research and development capabilities, achievements, and future development plans. The Engineering Technology Research Center aims to be guided by demand, market-oriented, and to establish an independent research and development engine with innovative capabilities. It seeks to accelerate technological breakthroughs, continually translate technological achievements into productivity, and create greater economic and social benefits!

SEMISHARE's newly expanded production line for fully automatic probe stations in the cleanroom has been completed. The fully automatic probe station has further expanded production and achieved mass production for delivery. We will be driven by technological innovation, continuously providing customers with precise, stable, and efficient wafer-level testing solutions, enhancing yield rates, reducing testing costs, and contributing to the development of the integrated circuit industry!

This year

our brand visibility and corporate contribution capabilities received dual recognition,

carving strength into the essence of honor

Renowned Brand in Shenzhen

Contribution Award for Key Enterprises in Bao'an

This year

we made appearances at domestic and international industry grand events, fostering a vibrant atmosphere for technical exchanges


April 19-21, Wuhan

Jiufengshan Forum and Compound Semiconductor Industry Conference


May 10-12

GSIE - The 5th Global Semiconductor Industry Expo (Chongqing)


May 16-18

Showcasing Star Products such as the A Series Fully Automatic Wafer Probe Station and X Series Semi-Automatic Wafer Probe Station at SEMI-e Shenzhen International Semiconductor Technology and Application Exhibition


June 29 - July 1

Featuring Star Products such as the A Series Fully Automatic Wafer Probe Station and X Series Semi-Automatic Wafer Probe Station at SEMICON China 2023 in Shanghai


July 13-15

China Western Electronic Information Expo (Chengdu)


July 21-24

IEEE Electronic Information and Communication Technology Exhibition (Qingdao)


August 24-25

CSIF Third-Generation Semiconductor Material Manufacturing and Equipment Technology Summit Forum (Wuxi)


September 22-24

Speaking at the Second session Nanophotonic Materials and Semiconductor Devices Development Forum (Beijing)


October 14-16

Ciamite 2023 - The 14th International Conference and Exhibition on Advanced Materials, along with the International Material Analysis and Laboratory Equipment Technology Expo (Qingdao)


October 20-24

The 25th Academic Annual Conference of the Chinese Society for Micro-Nano Technology and the 14th International Conference (Shenzhen)


October 25-27

PSECE - Philippines Semiconductor and Electronics Convention and Exhibition


November 10-12

Delivering an exciting speech at the Micro-Nano Optoelectronic Thin Film and Devices, as well as the Academic Symposium on Semiconductor Physics and Devices in the (Chongqing) region


November 14-17

SEMICON Europa 2023 (Munich)


November 23-25

The 9th National Seminar on New Semiconductor Power Devices and Application Technology, along with the Forum on the Convergence and Innovative Development of the Third-Generation Semiconductor Industry (Guangzhou)

Looking forward to meeting you again at more domestic and international exhibitions next year!

This year

consistently gaining favor in the capital market, SEMISHARE has focused its efforts on empowering and strengthening to achieve further growth and dominance

At the beginning of the new year, SEMISHARE completed a new round of financing, raising nearly one hundred million yuan. This round of financing was led by Zijin Gang Capital, with participation from multiple institutions including Qianhai Jiaxiang and Shenzhen High-Tech Investment.

In September, SEMISHARE secured its second round of financing for this year, exceeding one hundred million yuan. This round of investment came from SCGC, Xingcheng Capital, and existing shareholder Walden International.

In the capital market, we have successfully completed four rounds of financing, reflecting strong confidence in the semiconductor industry and SEMISHARE's long-term prospects. With 14 years of dedication to the wafer probe station industry, our fully automatic advanced wafer probe stations, characterized by high precision, efficiency, and stability, have obtained certifications from various prominent domestic and international manufacturers, ensuring stable mass production. We keenly observe market demands, continuously innovate and upgrade product functionalities, enhance product competitiveness, and expand market share both domestically and internationally!

Looking back, we have taken root and achieved fruitful results;

Looking forward,Even though one has reached great heights of success, one should still strive to improve oneself.

Adhering to the corporate spirit of "Truthfulness, courage, value, and sharing," the SEMISHARE team, true to our initial "core," will march forward with determination. We contribute to making China a self-reliant leader in chip manufacturing, driving the overall development of the global semiconductor industry!

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