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SEMISHARE | Live Report from SEMICON Exhibition! We Invite You to Join Us!

Release time:2024-03-25Source: SEMISHARE

SEMICON China 2024 is currently underway.

SEMICON China 2024 opened its doors grandly on March 20th at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, attracting global attention from the semiconductor industry. At this significant event driving future technological advancements, SEMISHARE presented its complete series of probe stations and testing solutions, spanning from laboratory to mass production, shining at booth T2-2329. This exhibition showcased the ongoing progress and significant breakthroughs in technology innovation and product development within the Chinese semiconductor industry to the international semiconductor community!



Innovative Technologies and Solutions for Wafer Testing Presented in Force!

With the deepening development of intelligence in the semiconductor industry, the probe station market is also facing new opportunities for growth. To meet the demands of automated mass production, SEMISHARE has independently developed the A12 fully automatic wafer probe station, which made its shining debut at SEMICON China 2024.



It can conduct WAT/CP testing on 12/8/6-inch wafers, meeting the testing requirements of different customers such as wafer fabs, assembly and packaging facilities, and testing facilities.


It enables round-the-clock, high-precision automatic probing, effectively enhancing testing efficiency and accuracy, featuring advanced technology that aligns with international standards.


It can achieve stable and reliable wafer testing within a wide temperature range from -60°C to 300°C.


It has obtained certifications from third-party authoritative organizations such as SEMI F47 and SEMI S2 safety standards, as well as validation from numerous renowned customers.


SEMISHARE's newly expanded production line and cleanroom for automatic probe stations have been completed and put into operation. With this expansion, the production capacity for automatic probe stations has been further increased, enabling mass production and delivery, thus elevating the product delivery capability to a new level.

The Scene at SEMISHARE

At the exhibition, we showcased a full range of probe stations, from laboratory to mass production, catering to the diverse needs of industries including academia, research, chip design, FAB facilities, automotive, aerospace, and more. We led the audience to gain a deeper understanding of SEMISHARE's leading technology in wafer probe stations, particularly in challenging testing environments such as extreme temperatures and vacuum conditions. Semiconductor companies, research institutions, and manufacturers from around the world showed great interest and willingness to collaborate with us on our products and technologies.



Industry Summit: A Sincere Invitation!

SEMICON China 2024 exhibition is currently in full swing! SEMISHARE sincerely invites you to witness the exciting moments at the exhibition venue! Let us join hands and explore the future path of the semiconductor industry together! We look forward to discussing advanced wafer testing solutions with you at booth T2-2329.



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