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SEMISHARE A12 Fully Automatic Wafer Probe Station Wins SEMI Product Innovation Award! SEMICON China 2024 Perfectly Concludes! Looking Forward to Reuniting with You in 2025!

Release time:2024-03-28Source: SEMISHARE

On March 22nd, the three-day SEMICON China 2024 came to a successful close! In this blossoming spring, the semiconductor industry also welcomed the dawn of recovery. In this vibrant technology arena, SEMISHARE predicted the upward trend of the semiconductor industry for this year, and we deeply felt the industry's vigorous vitality and endless possibilities for the future!

SEMISHARE looks forward to meeting you again at SEMICON China in 2025!

From Laboratory to Mass Production: Comprehensive Wafer Testing Solutions

In this competitive and ever-evolving semiconductor industry, we are committed to driving technological innovation and enhancing product performance to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. SEMISHARE showcases a full range of probe stations and testing solutions, from laboratory to mass production, covering the entire process from chip design to manufacturing, packaging, and testing.

Welcome to click on the video below and follow Jason and Dora to learn more about the exciting features of SEMISHARE probe stations~

Joining Hands with Global Partners to Shape the Future of the Semiconductor Industry

At this exhibition, customers and partners of SEMISHARE not only expressed recognition and praise for SEMISHARE's innovative capabilities and industry influence in the field of semiconductor testing equipment but also demonstrated their expectations for sharing resources and working together with SEMISHARE to create a better future. We firmly believe that through collaboration and cooperation, our vision of "becoming a globally leading semiconductor equipment supplier and building a technology innovation enterprise with international competitiveness" will surely become a reality!

Welcome to click on the video below and listen to our customers and partners talk about SEMISHARE!

Shining at SEMI Gala Dinner: Winning the Product Innovation Award

At the "Product Innovation Award" selection event hosted by SEMI, after intense competition, SEMISHARE's A12 Fully Automatic Wafer Probe Station was honored with the SEMI Product Innovation Award. CEO Mr. Liu Shiwen attended the awards ceremony and received the award on stage. Winning the Product Innovation Award is not only a recognition of the efforts of our team but also an affirmation of our product innovation and technological leadership position. This will inspire us to continue moving forward, relentlessly pursuing excellence, and bringing more innovation and value to the industry.


For 14 years, SEMISHARE has been deeply rooted in the semiconductor testing equipment industry, focusing on the research, development, manufacturing, and sales of advanced wafer probe stations and comprehensive semiconductor testing solutions. We are recognized as a national high-tech enterprise, a national specialized and innovative "Little Giant" enterprise, and the Guangdong Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center for Advanced Wafer Probe Station Semiconductor Equipment.

SEMISHARE offers cutting-edge wafer probe stations and testing solutions with a diverse product line to meet the varied needs from laboratory to mass production. Our equipment is widely used in WAT/CP testing, I-V/C-V testing, RF/mmW testing, high-voltage/large-current testing, MEMS, high-low temperature testing, optoelectronic device testing, wafer-level failure analysis, and Hall effect testing. With over 1000 clients including universities, research institutes, and semiconductor companies involved in IC design/manufacturing/testing, we have accumulated rich successful cases and technical expertise in the field of semiconductor testing.

As testing technology continues to advance and the scope of applications expands, SEMISHARE's independently developed wafer probe stations have even greater development potential in the future! In the journey ahead, we will be driven by technological innovation, continuously providing customers with precise, stable, and efficient wafer-level testing solutions to improve yield and reduce testing costs. We will work hand in hand with partners to embrace the spring of the semiconductor industry and jointly promote its development and prosperity!

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