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SEMISHARE attended 2023 Micro-Nano Optoelectronic Thin Films and Devices and Chongqing Regional Symposium on Semiconductor Physics and Devices and delivered an excellent speech!

Release time:2023-11-16Source: SEMISHARE

"2023 Micro-Nano Optoelectronic Thin Films and Devices and Semiconductor Physics and Devices Symposium in Chongqing was successfully held on 10-12 November 2023 at Genting Hotel, Liangjiang, Chongqing. Ms Zhu Qiuyuan, Associate Sales Director of SEMISHARE, gave a speech on "The Role of Probe Stations in Micro-Nano Optoelectronic Testing"!



With the theme of semiconductor micro-nano optoelectronic thin films and devices, this symposium invited renowned experts in the field of semiconductor optoelectronics and outstanding young scholars to comprehensively discuss the cutting-edge science of semiconductor optoelectronic materials, films and devices. The forum provides a multi-angle, strategic and forward-looking research and exchange platform for young scientists, and is committed to promoting the cross-fertilisation of semiconductor optoelectronic thin film materials and devices in many fields, such as physics, chemistry, materials and biology, to promote the vigorous development of optoelectronic materials, and to serve the national strategic needs.

Booth Site

As a manufacturer of advanced wafer probe stations, SEMISHARE team was invited to attend this seminar, and our booth was crowded with people and inquiries. Thanks to many new and old customers came to the booth, and our sales engineers together to discuss the micro-nano optoelectronic test solutions!

Micro-Nano Optoelectronic Test Solutions

Micro-nano optoelectronic testing typically involves the measurement and evaluation of the electrical properties of micro- and nanoscale optoelectronic devices. In the field of micro-nano optoelectronic testing, probe benches can provide a variety of different test environments, such as anti-vibration and shielding, stable temperature, vacuum, etc., which play an important role in mediating the electrical-optical and optical-electrical conversion process, and are of great significance in the research and development of new optoelectronic devices, optimisation of the performance of existing devices, and problem solving and validation of models.

Shielding Shielding Box can be used to limit the influence of external electromagnetic interference on the test process, and with the probe fixture can test the leakage of electrical signals up to 100fA accuracy, can resist 2kV high voltage.


Test results of SEMISHARE probe station used by Prof Yousheng Lin's team at Sun Yat-sen University in their research project - "MEMS-based Active Logic Modulation of Terahertz Metamaterials":

(a) Schematic diagram of the probe stage applied to the testing of MEMS modulatable terahertz metamaterials.

(b) Deformation of a MEMS device at different DC bias voltages.

Optical switching performance of MEMS tunable terahertz metamaterials device under different driving voltages with incident light source irradiated at 0.33 THz (c) and 0.88 THz (d).

This research was honoured with the

Photonics Research 2021 Editor's Choice Paper Award

(Only two teams in the world have won this award.)‍

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