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SEMISHARE wishes everyone a healthy and happy Dragon Boat Festival!

Release time:2024-06-07Source: SEMISHARE

Enjoy the aroma of zongzi together, and share the joy of Dragon Boat Festival

As the summer breeze arrives,

Cicadas begin their bustling song.

it's Dragon Boat Festival time!

The swift dragon boats race eagerly,

With artemisia swaying gently,

The aroma of rice dumplings fills the air.

The delicious memories linger on the tip of the tongue!

As the Dragon Boat Festival approaches,

SEMISHARE hosted a festive Zongzi tasting event,

Ms. Sheng Yanhua, the Vice President, distributed red envelopes(Hongbao)

to the company's colleagues for holiday travelling,

Classic flavors + Dragon Boat Festival bonuses 
brought double the joy and happiness!

Date paste zongzi, red bean paste zongzi, 

brown sugar zongzi, soft, sticky, and sweet~

Fresh meat zongzi, salted egg yolk zongzi, 

preserved meat zongzi, irresistible deliciousness!

Sweet or savory, it doesn't matter anymore.

Gathering at this moment, 

sharing together is the true taste of happiness!

SEMISHARE wishes everyone a healthy and prosperous 
Dragon Boat Festival!

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