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SEMISHARE invites you to join us at the 6th SEMI-e Shenzhen International Semiconductor Technology and Application Exhibition

Release time:2024-06-21Source: SEMISHARE

As a highly influential semiconductor exhibition in South China, the 6th SEMI-e Shenzhen International Semiconductor Technology and Application Exhibition, themed "Core for Calculation · Intelligence for the Future," is expected to attract over 800 enterprises. It will focus on showcasing the semiconductor industry chain integrating integrated circuits, electronic components, third-generation semiconductors, as well as materials and equipment. The exhibition aims to empower enterprises in achieving bilateral trade cooperation and market development, strengthen interaction among production, research and development, and sales, provide services and references for participants to deeply understand the future development trends of the semiconductor market, and build a precise and interactive platform for the advancement of the semiconductor industry chain!

As a leading manufacturer in the semiconductor testing equipment industry, SEMISHARE has always been committed to providing customers with efficient, stable, and reliable wafer testing equipment. We are trilled to announce that we will showcase our A12 fully automatic probe station, X8 semi-automatic probe station, and H8 integrated manual probe station. We look forward to discussing cutting-edge wafer testing solutions with you!

A Series Fully-automatic Probe Station

Capable of performing WAT and CP testing on 12/8/6-inch wafers

Micron-level full-closed-loop motion control system to achieve precise automatic probe contact

Rapid temperature control mode from -45 to 200°C (-55/60 to 300°C optional)

XY maximum speed up to 250mm/s, ensuring high testing efficiency

The self-developed integrated hinge design can take any testing machine for docking

X Series Semi-automatic Probe Station

Industry-leading rapid temperature control mode from -60°C to 300°C

Compatible with any testing unit (tester, test instrument, source meter)

24*7 hours continuous on-wafer probing, with running speeds up to 70mm/s, enhancing testing efficiency by 40%

High precision: accuracy of ±2μm, repeatability of ±1μm, probing accuracy of +1.8μm

Prober shielding system provides an excellent environment for testing weak electrical signals and ultra-low noise

CG Series High-Low Temperature Vacuum Prober

Supports temperatures from 4.2K to 473K

Radiation shielding design enhances sample temperature uniformity and accuracy

Prober thermal sink design ensures precise needle contact

Upgradable for magnetic field loading

Flexible and expandable testing application configurations

● Automatic refrigerant flow control for precise temperature regulation

H Series Integrated Manual Probe Station

Three - stage lifting needle base platform for precise positioning and rapid sample needle separation

Equipped with standard metallographic microscope for Pad testing at 1μm resolution and above

Capable of mounting lasers for FA failure analysis/laser cutting

Pneumatic chuck moving technology enables rapid chuck extraction

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