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SEMISHARE A12 Fully Automatic Wafer Probe Station Won The "Annual Outstanding Product Award"!SEMI-e 2024 Completed Successfully~

Release time:2024-07-04Source: SEMISHARE

From June 26th to 28th, the 6th Shenzhen International Semiconductor Technology and Application Expo (SEMI-e) 2024 gathered 815 exhibitors, with a total attendance of over 79,586 visitors during the 3-day event. Industry leading manufacturers and suppliers in semiconductor field convened in Shenzhen, boosting collaborative efforts at the exhibition. SEMISHARE showcased a stunning array of wafer probing stations and wafer testing solutions!

At the SEMI-e "Core" Technology Summit Awards Ceremony, SEMISHARE A12 fully automatic wafer probe station was recognized with the "Annual Outstanding Product Award" by the enterprise and review experts for its advanced product performance, professional and efficient customer service management, and outstanding market performance.

As one of the hot focus in the domestic wafer testing equipment field, SEMISHARE attracts numerous industry professionals and vistors who come from far and wide. We warmly welcome every customer, and our booth remains bustling with continuous inquiries and high popularity on-site.

Our technical engineers provided a detailed introduction to SEMISHARE's advanced solutions for various testing needs such as AI, silicon photonics, low temperature, Micro LED, and more. We engaged in in-depth discussions on collaborative directions in cutting-edge testing technologies, which garnered widespread recognition from professional clients and resulted in preliminary agreements for multiple collaborations. We sincerely appreciate everyone's attention and recognition of SEMISHARE,and extend our gratitude to all the SEMISHARE staff, both seen and unseen, whose dedicated efforts made this successful event possible.See you next time!

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